• Students’ Level of Confidence With Oncology Curricular Competencies

      Duffy, Alison P.; Trovato, James A. (2017-07)
      Objectives: The purpose of this study is to assess 1st year doctor of pharmacy students’ level of confidence in performing various oncology-related competencies prior to and following the administration of oncology content in the doctor of pharmacy curriculum. Method: All P1 students enrolled in the Applied Science and Therapeutics (AST) oncology module were asked to complete a voluntary survey, prior to and immediately following the completion of the module. The survey evaluated prior oncology work, research, and patient care experience, prior course work, level of interest in oncology pharmacy, and students’ perceived confidence to perform thirteen oncology-related competencies. Students were asked to rate level of confidence via a Likert Scale (unclear, low, general, moderate, knowledgeable, independent). Descriptive statistics were used to describe the data. Results: 49 and 19 of 148 students completed the pre-assessment and post-assessment surveys respectively. Compared to the pre-assessment survey, post assessment survey responses trended towards a higher level of confidence. There was an increase in the number of students who responded moderate-knowledgeable confidence for all competencies. Additionally, the number of students who reported ‘unclear’ confidence dramatically decreased. Implications: The results of this survey will be used to assess potential changes to the current oncology content in the doctor of pharmacy curriculum. Future studies will be conducted to better link pre and post survey responses based on individual students. Additionally, studies will focus on evaluating students’ level of confidence after completing didactic and experiential oncology related learning and will evaluate how perceived competencies change.