• Student perceptions and confidence pre and post EHR implementation in an institution based pharmacy skills lab

      Ives, Amy L.; Trovato, James A.; Tucker, Shannon R. (2017-07)
      Objectives: To measure student confidence regarding inpatient medication order processing after implementation of EHR technology. To measure student perception of EHR technology to facilitate data collection for SOAP note writing. Method: Pre and post implementation surveys were administered during regular class time to second year (P2) doctor of pharmacy students enrolled in the institution-based skills laboratory course, and responses were paired. Survey items were grouped into four sections including: background information, confidence in order processing skills, confidence in data collection for the purpose of writing a SOAP note and opinions regarding EHR technology. Confidence and opinion questions were evaluated on a 5 point Likert scale. Open ended questions were used for course improvements. Statistical significance was measured by the Wilcoxan signed-rank test. Results: Pre and post-survey paired data was available for 108 students. The majority of students had retail experience (75.8%) and 55.6% of students had no prior exposure to EHR technology. There was a statistically significant difference in student confidence regarding inpatient medication ordering skills (p<0.0001). There was also a statistically significant difference in student confidence regarding the ability to collect information to write a SOAP note (p<0.0001). Approximately one-third of students either somewhat agree or strongly agreed that the EHR technology should continue in future years (28.7%, 29.6% respectively). Implications: Exposure to EHR technology improved student confidence in their ability to process inpatient medication orders and collect relevant information for writing a SOAP note. These findings support the continued use of an EHR platform in skills-based activities.