• Innovation in the Open: Changing the Innovation in Teaching Award Process to Foster Innovation Discovery

      Tucker, Shannon R.; Cox, Craig D.; Janke, Kristin K.; Kennedy, Daniel R.; Malloy, Michael J.; Stein, Susan M (Susan Marie), 1966-; Truong, Hoai-An; Viswesh, Velliyur; White, Catherine Ann (2016-07)
      Innovation in the Open: Changing the Innovation in Teaching Award Process to Foster Innovation Discovery. Author Affiliations: Shannon R. Tucker, University of Maryland, Craig D. Cox, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Kristin K. Janke, University of Minnesota, Daniel R. Kennedy, Western New England University, Michael J. Malloy, MCPHS University, Susan M. Stein, Pacific University Oregon, Hoai-An Truong, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Velliyur Viswesh, Roseman University of Health Sciences, Catherine A. White, The University of Georgia. Objectives: The objective of this project was to redesign the Innovation in Teaching Award application process to (1) define innovation in teaching, (2) streamline the application process and (3) promote the visibility and transferability of teaching innovations. Method: Reviewing the Council of Faculties working definition of innovation in teaching provided baseline criteria to construct an information architecture to classify existing Innovations in Teaching Award projects. To achieve this, the committee evaluated the submission data from 1994–2014 to determine if common themes existed to help clarify what is commonly viewed as “innovation”. This informed an evaluation of the existing application process and its criteria to identify obstacles that discourage applicants. The committee also reviewed the AACP website and supporting literature to determine additional supportive opportunities. Results: The lack of consensus on the definition of innovation and 77% decline in applications suggested a need for a common innovation definition, application restructuring, and support for innovation discovery and transfer. The result was the creation of a two-step application process that (1) increased mentoring and feedback, (2) provided a flexible process supporting broad innovation, (3) aligned with publication standards, and (4) increased award visibility. Utilizing the AACP annual meeting and website to promote the award and recognized innovations creates new opportunities for innovation adoption. Implications: Leveraging the Innovation in Teaching Award to showcase evidence-based innovative teaching methods creates an opportunity to advance pharmacy education. The streamlined application process and feedback is expected to increase the number and quality of award applications. Read More: http://www.ajpe.org/doi/full/10.5688/ajpe805S2