• Maryland Public Opinion Survey on Opioids, 2015: Summary Report

      Admassu, Hellena; Tom, Sarah; Sealfon, Nicole; Gibson, Marianne; Pradel, Francoise G. (2015-10)
      Opioid misuse is a growing public health concern in Maryland. In an effort to reduce prescription opioid and heroin related fatalities, the Behavioral Health Administration launched the Opioid Misuse Prevention Program (OMPP). The Maryland Public Opinion Survey on opioids (MPOS) was conducted in 2015 to inform the local media campaigns and needs assessments of participating jurisdictions. The survey objective was to capture statewide perceptions and practices surrounding prescription opioids and heroin. Over 6,000 Maryland residents from each of the 24 jurisdictions participated. This report provides survey results on prescription opioid and heroin use, followed by findings on factors that impact opioid misuse such as availability and perceptions of risk.