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      Impact of Traumatic Events and Organizational Response: A Study of Bank Robberies [1]
      Impaired professionals: Unique challenges for employee assistance programs [1]
      Implementation and Evaluation of a Formal Telephone Counseling Protocol in an Employee Assistance Program [1]
      Implementation of EAPs [1]
      Implementation Strategies for University Employee Assistance Programs [1]
      Implementing & Sustaining Effective Trauma-Mitigating Interventions [1]
      Implementing Behavioral Health Screening and Outcome Measures at an Internal EAP: A Quality Improvement Initiative at Partners HealthCare System [1]
      Implementing promising initiatives to help children face chronic adversity [1]
      Implementing School and Evidence-Based Interventions for Children from Families that are Poor [3]
      The importance of managing human factors during a workplace crisis [1]
      Impressions on the Value of CEAP: Measures of Opinion from Current Certified Employee Assistance Professionals [1]
      Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Child Welfare Services Through State, Stakeholder, and University Collaboration [1]
      Improving Utilization Reports [1]
      In Memoriam John J. "Jack" Hennessey [1]
      In the Recession's Wake: New Applications for Food Supplement and Temporary Cash Assistance, 2007-2010 [1]
      In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower: Neighborhood Relations in a College Town [1]
      An In-Depth Survey on Drugs Testing: What Are Other Companies Doing? What You Must Know to Set Up and Enforce an Effective Anti-Drug Program [1]
      Increasing protective factors and decreasing risk factors to achieve safety and well-being outcomes among families at risk for neglect [1]
      Increasing safety and well-being of children: results of a selective prevention intervention [1]
      Increasing Social Support Through an Intensive Home Based Child Maltreatment Intervention Program [1]