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      Following the pathways to substance use treatment: A five-year project will examine how consumers use managed behavioral health and EAP services [1]
      For our own good: The meaning of batterer intervention programs for women who have been abused. A Heideggerian hermeneutic inquiry [1]
      Forgiveness and psychotherapy [1]
      Formal Help-seeking among Female Victims of Sexual and Physical Violence: Individual, Interpersonal, and Incident Level Predictors [1]
      Foster Parent and Caregiver Engagement in the Court Process [1]
      Foster parent reimbursement: establishing adequate and reasonable rates, final report [1]
      Fostering Safe Choices Final Report [1]
      From the Outside Looking Out: A Qualitative Examination of the Experiences of Canadian External EAP Providers [1]
      Frontiers of Change, Transformation, and Innovation through the Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative [1]
      The function of spirituality in addressing the stress of work [1]
      Functional Family Therapy [1]
      Functional Family Therapy, Maryland State FY11 Annual Report [1]
      Future Directions for EAPs [1]
      The Future of American Democracy in a Diverse & Conflict-Ridden Society [1]
      The Future of Crisis Response: What Works, What Hurts [1]
      The Future of Employee Assistance Education: Reflections from a University Professor [1]
      The Future of Employee Assistance: Integrated Occupational Health Systems [1]
      The Future of Social Justice in a Diverse and Conflict-Ridden Society [1]
      The Future of Social Welfare & the Social Work Profession: A Global Perspective [1]
      The Future of the Intergenerational Compact in America [1]