• The Employee Assistance Program: Updated for the 1980's

      Wrich, James T. (Hazelden Publishing, 1980)
      Jim Wrich spells out how the concept of faltering job performance can be an effective tool in identifying and reaching any employee in need of help. By using the supervisor in his role of work evaluator rather than diagnostician and by offering help to all employees whose work performance is impaired, the Employee Assistance Program relieves the stigma of emotionally laden labels and articulates a proven methodology for aiding the worker and his family.
    • The Impact of Federal Sector Unions on Supervisors' Use of Personnel Policies

      Beyer, Janice M.; Trice, Harrison Miller, 1920-; Hunt, Richard E. (1980-01-01)
      This study investigates whether supervisors' use of management-initiated policies - in this case, alcoholism and EEO policies - is related to the presence of a union, the power of any union present (measured, among other ways, by certain bargaining outcomes), and the supervisors' awareness of the union's position on the policies in question. An analysis of interview data from supervisors in seventy-one federal installations, and from both national and local union officials, indicates that the supervisors' awareness of a union's position on the policies was positively related to use of both policies, as were certain aspects of union power. The presence of a union was also associated with greater use of the alcoholism policy, but not of the EEO policy. In addition, the authors analyze the reasons for the various compromises that occur in the use of each policy.
    • Employee Alcoholism Programme

      Quinlan, Maurice (1980-09)
    • Statement from Lane Kirkland, President, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

      Kirkland, Lane (1981)
      Alcoholism and its accompanying affect upon family life, the community, the workplace and the individual is a problem of major national concern. It is one which the AFL-CIO has recognized for many years. Our Department of Community Services has been actively engaged in programs involving alcoholism since the AFL and CIO merged in 1955.
    • History of ALMACA Chapter in San Diego

      Emslie, Jim (1981)
      Report on the beginnings of the San Diego ALMACA Chapter in 1977...
    • ALMACA'S First Decade

      Delaney, Thomas J., Jr. (1981)
      The 10th Annual Meeting of the Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism is a significant event in the history of the occupational alcoholism movement. It signals that the men and women working in our field have been able to sustain a commitment to provide mutual support and education during a period of growth of the profession. Since growth always signifies change, the commitment of the field to its professional organization demonstrates that different philosophies will strengthen ALMACA.
    • Labor-Management Alcoholism Newsletter 1973-1981 [selected]

      New York, NY: National Council on Alcoholism, Inc., 1981
    • ALMACA Annual Meeting, 10th

      Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism (U.S.) (1981-11)
    • The Missing Link

      Leepson, Evan (1981-11-20)
      What has been missing in the world of industrial alcoholism programming is someone to bridge the gap between the demands of treatment centers and the needs of industrial alcoholism programs. This gap has now been filled by the creation of a new professional role: the Industrial Liaison. The overall responsibility of the industrial liaisons is to strengthen the relationship between the treatment center and those industrial alcoholism programs (Employee Assistance Programs and Mental Wellness Programs). It is estimated that there are over 2,000 such occupational programs worldwide.
    • The Almacan 1982

      Arlington, VA: Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism, Inc., 1982
    • Human Services in Industry

      Masi, Dale A. (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath and Company, 1982)
    • Women's Occupational Alcoholism Demonstration Project Final Report (Draft)

      Reichman, Walter; Levy, Marguerite F.; Young, Douglas W., M.S.; Herrington, Stephen, M.A.; Medical and Health Research Association of New York City, Inc. (1982-01)
      The research reported here is based on a contract awarded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for the purpose of developing and testing procedures to increase identification, referral, and treatment of female workers with drinking problems.
    • The 1982 ALMACA Conference on Research Methodology in Occupational Alcoholism

      Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism (U.S.) (1982-04)
    • The Almacan 1983

      Arlington, VA: Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism, Inc., 1983