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      A Review of: “Work and the Workplace: A Resource for Innovative Policy and Practice,” by Sheila H. Akabas and Paul A. Kurzman [1]
      Revisiting Employee Assistance Programs and Substance Use Problems in the Workplace: Key Issues and a Research Agenda [1]
      A Rich and Complicated Web: Prostitution Diversion Participants' Relationships With Family, Friends, and Providers [1]
      Richard P. Barth Commentary on WYPR-FM [1]
      The Rise of Evangelicalism & the Global Economy: Implications for Social Work Practice with Latinos [1]
      Risk and protective factors associated with adolescent sexual activity [1]
      Risk Management Approach to Analyzing Outcomes from EAP Counseling: Part 1 of Series with Global Data from the Workplace Outcome Suite© by Morneau Shepell [1]
      Risk of Being Overweight or Obese among Army Spouses: The Impact of Deployment, Distress, and Perceived Social Support [1]
      Risk of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout and Potential for Compassion Satisfaction Among Employee Assistance Professionals: Protecting the Workforce [1]
      Risk Shifting and Managed Care: Should EAP's Be Concerned? [1]
      The Risks and Rewards of Marriage for Fire Fighters: A Literature Review with Implications for EAP [1]
      Risks of Serious Maltreatment Without Additional Child Welfare Services [1]
      The Role and Qualifications of the Substance Abuse Professional [1]
      The Role of a Payor Advisory Board in Managed Mental Health Care: The IBM Approach [1]
      The Role of Ceremonials in Organizational Behavior [1]
      The Role of Employee Assistance Programs [1]
      The Role of Employee Assistance Programs in Managed Behavioral Healthcare [1]
      The role of Employee Assistant Programme in managing workplace violence: The experience of South African Police Service members in the greater Tzaneen municipality [1]
      The role of mutual aid/self-help in North American occupational assistance: Past, present and future. [1]
      The Role of Self-efficacy, Technology Acceptance, and Support, in E-Learning for Child Welfare Workers [1]