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      Recruitment and retention issues between online and face-to-face smoking cessation treatment in the workplace [1]
      Redefining the EAP Field [1]
      Reducing Infant Mortality: Welcome and Observations [1]
      Reducing Risks: Alcohol and the Workplace [1]
      Reflections on 45 Years in the World of Employee Assistance Programs [1]
      Regulations & Implications for the Future of EAP [1]
      Reinforcing Mental Health of Business Entities [1]
      The relationship between alcohol and drug use and achievement of self-sufficiency from public assistance by female AFDC recipients in Project Independence [1]
      The Relationship Between Alcohol Use and Gambling in Emerging Adulthood [1]
      Relationship Between Caregiver Social Support, Depressive Symptoms, and Child Asthma Outcomes in Low-Income, Urban, African American Families [1]
      The relationship between child sexual abuse and self-concept in adult women: A community survey study [1]
      The relationship between transformational leadership and organizational change: An exploratory study of grassroots social service agencies [1]
      The relationship of child sexual abuse to the birthweight of infants born to low-income women [1]
      The Relevance of Incorporating Cultural Competence in the Core Technology of Employee Assistance Programs [1]
      Remembering My First Year at the University of Maryland School of Social Work [1]
      Remembering My First Year at UMDSSW [1]
      Replicating With Quality: Lessons From the Field of Home Visitation: Family Connections [1]
      Replicating with Quality: Lessons From the Field of Home Visitation: Family Connections [1]
      Request for Assistance in Preventing Homicide in the Workplace [1]
      Research Based Practices for Supporting Mental Health Disability [1]