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      Preparing for the Unimaginable: How chiefs can safeguard officer mental health before and after mass casualty events [1]
      Presentation to Board of Advisors [1]
      Presenteeism and Health: Exploring the Link Between Employee Productivity and Common Physical and Mental Health Issues [1]
      The Prevalence of At-Risk Gambling in Consumer Credit Counseling: Comparison with National Estimates [1]
      Preventing Child Abuse Deaths Using Birth to CWS Matches [1]
      Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide: Strategies for Effective and Positive Messaging [1]
      Preventing or Reducing Common Health Problems [1]
      Preventing Suicide Among Working-Age Adults: The Correlates of Help-Seeking Behavior [1]
      Preventing Suicide in the Workplace: New Guidelines, Recommendations Issued [1]
      Preventing Worker Prescription Drug Misuse: Time for a New Integrated Approach [1]
      Prevention and Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among College Students [1]
      Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect Key Note Address [1]
      Prevention: Expanding the Concept [1]
      Pricing Options for EAP Services [1]
      Prince George's County Detention Utilization Study (PGC DUS) [1]
      Principles for Addressing Implicit Organizational Trauma [1]
      Prioritizing Workplace Wellness: Optimizing Mental Health in Uncertain Times [1]
      Private Online Tutoring for Working Families: Literature Review and Employer Case Study [1]
      Private Sector Internal EAP Profiles, 1988 [1]
      A Process Evaluation of a Canadian Public Sector Employee Assistance Program [1]