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      Promoting Social Justice in a Multicultural Society: Challenges & Opportunities for Social Work Scholarship, [1]
      Promoting Social Justice in an Era of Globalization, Economic Crisis, and Increasing Inequality [1]
      Prostitution/Human Trafficking Courts: Policy Frontline as Fault Line [1]
      Protection, Prevention and Planning - a child's right to be safe [1]
      Protective factors for inner city adolescents at risk: Family factors and social support [1]
      Protective factors to resilience in maltreated children: A developmental view [1]
      Providing Disruptive Event Management Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Civil Unrest [1]
      Providing Training for EAP Affiliates [1]
      Provisional Numbers and Rates of Suicide by Month and Demographic Characteristics: United States, 2020 [1]
      Psychiatric readmission of adolescents in the public mental health system [1]
      Psychological Adaptation after the Epidemic in China: Search for New Meaning and Purpose [1]
      Psychological and Emotional Wellness in the Workplace: Return to Work During the Pandemic: Helping the Distressed Employee [1]
      Psychological Trauma in the Workplace: Variation of Incident Severity among Industry Settings and between Recurring vs. Isolated Incidents [1]
      The Psychology of Pandemics [1]
      Psychosocial risk factors and prevalence of alcohol consumption in pregnant women with substance abuse: A secondary data analysis [1]
      Public Child Welfare Workers' Safety Experiences: Predictors and Impact on Job Withdrawal Using Mixed-Methods Approaches [1]
      Q&A for Social Work Leaders at Opening Plenary for National Association of Social Workers BiAnnual Conference [1]
      Qualitative Evaluation of EAPs: Peer Review [1]
      A qualitative study of parenting by incest survivors [1]
      Quality Assurance Processes in Maryland Child Welfare. 1st Annual Child Welfare Accountability Report [1]