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      Partner Violence: Recognition & Response [1]
      Partners for Recovery Supporting Our Greatest Resource: Addressing Substance Use, Misuse and Relapse in the Addiction Treatment Workforce [1]
      The Past is in the present: how views of history have shaped social work research [1]
      Pathological gambling behavior and self-concept theory: An investigation of the validity of the addictive personality syndrome (APS) [1]
      PATIENTS Day 2019: What Motivates People with Substance Use Disorders to Pursue Treatment? A Patient-Centered Approach to Understanding Patient Experiences and Patient-Provider Interactions [1]
      Patterns of Suicidal Risk and Its Relationship with Suicidal Ideation and Attempt: Practice and Policy Implications [1]
      Peace & Justice For All, 50 Years Teaching Research & Practice [1]
      Peer Coaching: Impacts on Physician Well Being: New Data and Existing Evidence [1]
      People With Secrets: Contesting, Constructing, and Resisting Women’s Claims About Sexualized Victimization [1]
      The Perceived Value of the "Free" Versus the Fee-Based Employee Assistance Program (EAP) [1]
      Perceptions of Affiliate EAP Counselors: An Exploratory Study [1]
      Perceptions of Canadian Affiliate EAP Counsellors: An Exploratory Study [1]
      Perceptions of employee assistance counsellors: Dichotomous findings for a dichotomous field. [1]
      The Perils of Low-Income Homeowning: Home Repair Problems and Policies in Philadelphia [1]
      Personal and Work Outcomes of Employee Assistance Services [1]
      Personal Lifestyle, Corporate Culture and Productivity at Work [1]
      Perspectives among mental health providers regarding rehospitalization of the chronically mentally ill [1]
      Perspectives of battered women regarding the criminal justice system [1]
      Perspectives on Commodity Pricing in Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): A Survey of the EAP Field [1]
      Phenomenology of relapse and lived experience among female opiate addicts [1]