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      A process evaluation of a Canadian public sector employee assistance program. [1]
      Productivity Lost: Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace [1]
      Professional Education for Child Welfare Practice: Improving Retention In Public Child Welfare Agencies [1]
      Professional Education: The Key to Developing Conceptual Thinking [1]
      Professional Stakeholder Survey on the Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment Process in Maryland [1]
      Professionals and their Organizational Roles in Pathways to Care for Early Psychosis: Where Are the Social Workers? [1]
      A profile of Canadian Employee Assistance Programs [1]
      Progress on the "Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative" [3]
      Project 95 - BROADBRUSH: a manual for management, organized labor and occupational program consultants dealing with chemical dependency and other job performance problems [1]
      Project 95 - Broadbrush: Lessons for Today - a brief history of contemporary EAP [1]
      Project 95 Broadbrush: lessons for 2017 [1]
      Project Unveils Top Ten Behavioral Apps [1]
      Promoting Health at Work: Substance Abuse Prevention: It's Your Business [1]
      Promoting Organizational Health in Piraeus Bank [1]
      Promoting Social Justice in a Divided Society [1]
      Promoting Social Justice in a Multicultural Society: Challenges & Opportunities for Social Work Scholarship, [1]
      Promoting Social Justice in an Era of Globalization, Economic Crisis, and Increasing Inequality [1]
      Prostitution/Human Trafficking Courts: Policy Frontline as Fault Line [1]
      Protection, Prevention and Planning - a child's right to be safe [1]
      Protective factors for inner city adolescents at risk: Family factors and social support [1]