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      Letter with suggestions on how the mental health system for children and youth in the United States might be improved [1]
      Letter written by Don Phillips to Charlie Williams - Recounting the HIstory of EAP & NIAAA [1]
      Licensure and Employee Assistance: A Profession Comes of Age [1]
      Lies, Damn Lies and EAP Utilization Rates: The Development of a Comprehensive Scorecard [1]
      The life cycle of welfare reform: Local renditions. A comparative case study of the implementation of the work requirements of TANF [1]
      A Lifetime of Research, Practice, and Policy Efforts to Support Successful Parenting [1]
      Linking Heroin Price and Heroin Overdose [1]
      Linking Up for Mutual Benefits [1]
      List of ALMACA / EAPA CEOs [1]
      List of ALMACA / EAPA Presidents 2017-2022 [1]
      List of ALMACA/EAPA presidents 1971-2018 with letter to A.J. Sullivan about the initial meeting of ALMACA and minutes of that first meeting in Spring 1971 [1]
      Listening to the Eyes [1]
      Local Supervisory Review [3]
      Local Supervisory Review Instrument Annual State Data Report: July 01, 2010 - June 30, 2011 [1]
      Local Supervisory Review Instrument State Data Report 2010 Scoring and Interpretation [1]
      A longitudinal exploration of the factors that affect the timing of women's decisions to leave abusive relationships [1]
      A Longitudinal Lens on the Evolution of EAP, Work-life and Wellness Benefit Programs [1]
      A Longitudinal Lens on the Evolution of EAP, Work-Life and Wellness Benefit Programs: Published Article and Supporting Documents [1]
      Longitudinal Lens to Examine Service Delivery Models for the Future [1]
      Longitudinal Outcomes for Community Mental Health System Clients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia [1]