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      Maryland's Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Evaluation [1]
      Maryland's Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Supporting the academic and social-emotional success of preschoolers [1]
      Maryland's First Unaccompanied Homeless Youth & Young Adult Count: Findings from Youth REACH MD Phase 2 [1]
      Master Class: Effectively Implementing & Sustaining Child Malreatment Prevention Programs [1]
      Maximizing the Value of EAP/Behavioral Health Technology [1]
      Measuring Child Welfare Outcomes: Safety, Well-Being, and Permanency [1]
      Measuring Coaching Effectiveness: Validation of the Workplace Outcome Suite for Coaching [1]
      Measuring Mind, Body, Work, and Life Concerns: Development of the LifeScale20 Survey [1]
      Measuring Outcomes and Mitigating Risk with the Workplace Outcome Suite in the Federal Workplace [1]
      Measuring Outcomes of Child Welfare Programs [1]
      Measuring Outcomes of Peer Recovery Support Services: A Literature Review [1]
      Measuring the Implementation of Social Work Interventions: Options and Examples [1]
      Medication Safety for Flight Attendants - FADAP [1]
      Mental Health and Well-being in the Construction Industry [1]
      Mental Health Apps & Their Efficacy Rates with Remote Use: Literature Review and EAP Industry Trend Survey Results [1]
      Mental Health in the Labour Force: A Literature Review and Research GAP Analysis [White Paper & Slides] [1]
      Mental Health in the Workplace During Coronavirus: 10 Key Points from the Research on Techno-Therapy [1]
      The Mental Health Parity and Addictions Equity Act: What Are the Research Implications for Employers and EAPs? [1]
      Mental health risk factors and protective mechanisms for post-secondary educational attainment among young adult veterans [1]
      The Mental Health Status of Expatriate versus U.S. Domestic Workers: A Comparative Study [2]