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      Motivation for the Use of an On-Line EAP and Work/Life Product [1]
      Moving Beyond Damage-Centered Research Studies with Women in Prostitution [1]
      Multilevel Analysis of the Relationship between Maternal Depression and Medication Adherence in Urban, African-American Children with High-Risk Asthma [1]
      Multiple Challenges in Kinship Families: How Are They Associated with Children’s Behavioral Health in Kinship Care? [1]
      My Sister's Slipper [1]
      The National Behavioral Consortium Benchmarking Study: Industry Profile of 82 External EAP Providers [1]
      National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide FINAL REPORT [1]
      National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide Toolkit [1]
      Navigating December Holidays During COVID - 19 [1]
      Navigating Family-Friendly Workplace Policies: Multiple-Case Study of Fathers in Dual-Career Families [1]
      Navigating the Emotional Side of Retirement [1]
      The Need For a School of Social Work in the Baltimore Area [1]
      The Need for EAPs: The Workplace Burden of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems [1]
      Neighborhood and Cumulative Ecological Risk: Predicting Physical Abuse and Neglect in an Urban Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN) Sample [1]
      Neighborhood conditions, father involvement, parenting competence, and behavior problems in a sample of children at risk for neglect: A structural equation model [1]
      The neighborhood correlates of child maltreatment: Montgomery County, Maryland [1]
      Neighborhood Disorder and Mental Health Outcomes Among a Sample of Baltimore City Residents: The Influence of Urban Parks, Social Cohesion, and Social Control [1]
      Neurobiology for the EA Professional: The Science & Art of Therapeutic Change [1]
      A New Business Environment for EAPs in China after COVID-19 [1]
      New Occupations and the Division of Labor in Workplace Alcoholism Programs [1]