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      Intimate Partner Violence within the Marine Corps: Examining the Socio-Demographic Risk Factors of Active Duty Marine Perpetrators and Types of Abuse [1]
      Intrafamilial child sexual abuse: Characteristics that predict maternal belief and protective action among non-offending mothers [1]
      An Intrinsic Case Study of a Domestic Violence Organization's Promotion of Economic Justice for Survivors [1]
      An Introduction to Employee Assistance Programs [1]
      Introduction to the International Employee Assistance Digital Archive: A Knowledge Hub [1]
      Introduction: A Path Well Taken - Reflections on Social Work in Occupational Settings [1]
      Investigating child maltreatment in out-of-home care: Barriers to good decision-making [1]
      Investigating the clinical utility of the Draw-A-Person: Screening Procedure for Emotional Disturbance (DAP:SPED) projective test in assessment of high-risk youth. A measurement validation study [1]
      Investiture Ceremony for the Daniel Thursz Professor of School Justice: Corey Shdaimah, LL.M, Ph.D. [1]
      Is Integration of Services an Effective Model in Today's Marketplace [1]
      It Just Might Be a Breath Away [1]
      Jarrell Names New School of Social Work Dean [1]
      John C. Erfurt and Andrea Foote: The Work Continues [1]
      John Tapscott [1]
      Journal of Employee Assistance 2003 [1]
      Journal of Employee Assistance 2004 [1]
      Journal of Employee Assistance 2005 [1]
      Journal of Employee Assistance 2006 [1]
      Journal of Employee Assistance 2007 [1]
      Journal of Employee Assistance 2008 [1]