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      Kate Nowlan, CEO of CiC and EAPA UK member talks about the experience of supporting workers on the frontline during this global pandemic [1]
      Key Factors in Business Continuity: Mental Health Impacts [1]
      Key individuals interviewed for EAP history project [1]
      Knox Keene: Regulations & Implications for the Future of EAP [1]
      The Labor Movement - Leaders of Yesterday & Tomorrow [1]
      Labor-Management Alcoholism Newsletter 1973-1981 [selected] [1]
      Labour Welfare in Canada: An Examination of Occupational Assistance [1]
      Late-life suicidal behavior: Complexity, descriptors, level of risk [1]
      Latest evolutions in the field of psychosocial well-being: practical cases of Ab Inbev, Colruyt, Moderator, Delhaize, Eurocontrol, Johnson & Johnson, NS-HSK, Port of Antwerp and Proximus [1]
      Launching a Well Being Program— Important Steps for Success [1]
      Law enforcement officers and employee assistance programs [1]
      Lawyers and the Power of Community: The Story of South Ardmore [1]
      A Leadership Guide: Managing COVID-19 Return to Work Employee Fear [1]
      Leadership in Times of Crisis: Critical Incident Response After Tragedy [1]
      Leadership Strategies to Prevent Employee Substance Abuse Relapse and Optimize Business Viability [1]
      Leadership that leads to innovation in nonprofit human service organizations [1]
      Leading a company in the aftermath of a suicide loss [1]
      Leading Effectively by Managing Change [1]
      Learning to Focus and Focusing to Learn: Assessing the Use of PhotoVoice in Global/Local InterProfessional Education [1]
      Legislation and Public Policy: The First 25 years [1]