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      ICAA 1996 Amsterdam Final Programme [1]
      Ideas on best practices for Employee Assistance Program policies [1]
      Identifying intervention strategies and meeting reasonable effort requirements [1]
      Images of justice: transforming students' views about social justice through media [1]
      The Impact of Animal Assisted Therapy on Staff in a Seniors Residential Care Facility [1]
      The Impact of Behavioral Screening and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) -like Interventions on Health Outcomes and Estimated Expenditures in a Community Healthcare Clinic Setting and an Employment Setting [1]
      The impact of classroom and field learning on student understanding of social work practice with groups [1]
      Impact of COVID Lockdown in Spain & Latin America [1]
      Impact of Dominant Academic Culture on Employee Assistance and Organizational Development Programs in Institutions of Higher Education in the United States [1]
      The Impact of Federal Sector Unions on Supervisors' Use of Personnel Policies [1]
      Impact of Poverty on Judicial Decision Making (version 1) [1]
      The Impact of Poverty on Judicial Decision Making (version 2) [1]
      Impact of South American heroin on the US heroin market 1993-2004 [1]
      Impact of Terrorist Attacks on Use of Critical Incident Stress Management Services [1]
      Impact of the Coronavirus on EAPs: Managing the Fear of Communicable Disease [1]
      Impact of Traumatic Events and Organizational Response: A Study of Bank Robberies [1]
      Impaired professionals: Unique challenges for employee assistance programs [1]
      Implementation and Evaluation of a Formal Telephone Counseling Protocol in an Employee Assistance Program [1]
      Implementation of EAPs [1]
      Implementation Strategies for University Employee Assistance Programs [1]