• Using Existing Employee Assistance Program Case Files to Demonstrate Outcomes

      Jacobson Frey, Jodi; Jones, Andrea L.; Bowers, Natalie (Taylor and Francis, 2011)
      Demonstrating outcomes and highlighting the value of employee assistance (EA) services are critical, especially in today’s difficult economic climate. This study reports findings from an exploratory study of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) outcomes using existing EAP case files from 20 different U.S. employers. Research questions examined the effects of EAP services as measured by three commonly used indices: the Level of Functioning Scales at Home and at Work, and the Global Assessment of Functioning. Significant changes in scores on all three measures were found at posttest, suggesting an overall positive affect from employee participation in EAP services. Recommendations for EAPs with little to no resources for research and limited experience with research are discussed.