• Training for University of Occupational and Environmental Health

      Stockert, Timothy (2008-06-03)
      First, this presentation provides an overview of the accreditation process and standards. This includes a brief overview of accreditation, steps in the accreditation process, an overview of the structure and features of the 8th Edition Standards, and highlights of each section of the standards (ETH, FIN, GOV, HR, PQI, RPM, ASE, BSM, CR, TS, and EAP). Next, the presentation covers rating the standards, peer reviewer role and responsibilities, and site visit logistics. This involves a rating scale and writing justifications rating exercise, answering questions like who are the peers and team leaders and what is the value of using volunteers, a brief overview of peer reviewer eligibility, benefits, and policies, and pre-, on-, and post-site visit activities. Finally, the presentation examines COA’s internal processes from site visit to accreditation notification. This section covers the site visit assignment, the preliminary report, the commission and notification, the maintenance of accreditation, and closing thoughts and follow-up actions.