• EAP and COVID-19 2021: Surviving COVID 19: Presentation to the National Behavioral Consortium

      Gorter, Jeff (2021-05-03)
      This was a presentation to the National Behavioral Consortium to help members understand the various stresses that they had been exposed to over the last year during the Pandemic. Gorter outlined the key types of fatigue that members more than likely had experienced. These slides were used to encourage audience participation about their experiences for the last year.... The list of types of Fatigue included: 1) Decision Fatigue - The rush of a challenge faced, may be followed by dip - Doom Scrolling 2) Zoom Fatigue - takes a different energy & Miss my “work family” 3) Compassion Fatigue - Effective helpers have empathy - Reluctance to acknowledge our own stories 4)Cumulative Fatigue - All of the above