• Raising an autistic child: Subjective experiences of fathers

      Collins, Renee; Belcher, John R. (2008)
      Using the grounded theory approach, this study examines fathers' experiences of raising a child diagnosed with autism. Fathers identified specific concerns and needs of their children as well as discussed their personnel methods of coping and providing care. Fathers in this study see themselves as very "hands-on" in providing care for their child and school needs. Fathers attributed their ability to accept and cope with the day-to-day struggles to the strength of their marriage. Fathers also expressed a desire to have a male support group enabling them to have others to confide in as well as to be able to mentor other fathers entering the world of autism. Although worried about the future of their children when they are no longer able to provide care, the fathers' immediate concern is advocating for current services that are known to all families caring for a child diagnosed with autism.