• Perceptions of employee assistance counsellors: Dichotomous findings for a dichotomous field.

      Csiernik, Rick; Darnell, Kristi; Trotter, Mary Lynn (Taylor and Francis, 2015-11-17)
      A follow-up to Csiernik and Darnell’s (2010) exploratory study of Canadian EAP affiliates involved a convenience sample of 145 members of the Ontario Association of Social Workers who had on average 23.5 years of clinical experience and 11.5 years of EAP experience. Similar themes discovered issues found in the initial study were reported including: a lack of training or support when first hired and afterwards, not being allowed to inform clients that there was a ceiling on sessions allowed, having to request permission to allow seefor a case to proper case closure, not being able to continue to work with clients even if the client requested ongoing service and inadequate remuneration. However, there were also positive themes that arose including regular supervision for some affiliates, a range of interesting cases, freedom of hours, ability to build or supplement other parts of their private practice and working with a population that otherwise would not have accessed counselling services. What is evident is that several substantive dichotomies exist in the EAP field and that not only do future affiliates need to be educated on the strengths and limits of this practice domain but so do those responsible for procuring services for their workforces.