• Messaging about Suicide Prevention in Law Enforcement

      National Officer Safety Initiatives; National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide (2020)
      This was developed through the National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide (the Consortium) and focuses on the importance of safe messaging. Through the Consortium, five task force groups were formed to identify recommendations and considerations for the policing profession as it relates to suicide prevention efforts in an agency or department: messaging, data and research, organization and system change, peer support, and family support. This resource provides information for leadership to use to help promote and support suicide prevention efforts. WHY DOES MESSAGING ABOUT SUICIDE MATTER? Research has shown that messaging about suicide can either increase the risk of suicide and undermine prevention efforts or promote positive behaviors and support prevention goals.. There are many complexities to what contributes to suicidal thoughts or behavior in an individual police officer. Words matter, and the way a police agency talks about suicide has a significant impact in preventing suicide and encouraging help-seeking behavior for those who may be in crisis. Contrary to best practice recommendations, many messages focus on the specific type, location, or graphic descriptions surrounding suicide loss, providing detailed information that is inappropriate for the people hearing the messages. In order to help promote and support prevention efforts, agencies should consider the evidence-based recommendations provided in this toolkit.