• Marital therapy and employee assistance programs

      Wright, Katherine (University of Georgia); Beach, Steven R. H. (Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), 1992)
      Organizations serving employees should expect to come under increasing pressure to provide help for marital problems. While many forces have contributed to the view that marital therapy is a luxury service, this view is increasingly at odds with the data. To argue successfully for the provision of marital therapy services or to provide appropriate referral for treatment, however, it is necessary to have information both about the various problems which are related to marital discord and the various time limited and cost effective approaches to marital therapy which are currently available. The current paper provides this information as well as directing interested persons to the primary sources for outcome research on mazital therapy and clinical intervention in marital therapy. It is argued that EAP professionals may play an important role in enhancing the maintenance of marital therapy outcome.