• Impact of Traumatic Events and Organizational Response: A Study of Bank Robberies

      Miller-Burke, Jude; Attridge, Mark (1998-08-01)
      This study explored how experiencing a traumatic event in the workplace affects employees’ physical health, mental health, personal functioning, and work performance. Post-event use of health care services and the effectiveness of critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) sessions and other coping interventions were also examined. A retrospective self-report methodology and mailed survey were used with 141 employees of 42 different banks that had been recently robbed. The results found that most employees had multiple negative consequences from experiencing a bank robbery. Psychological, physical, work, and personal areas all were affected by the robbery. CISD interventions delivered post-robbery were rated as helpful by 78% of employees who attended. Implications for employers, providers and organizational policy are discussed.