• Breaking the Chains of Stigma in the Construction Industry

      Beyer, Cal (2021-04-12)
      For the 25 years I’ve been in the construction industry, there is one trait among all others that has been held up as the most quintessentially “construction-esque” — the stoic workforce culture. Construction tradespersons evoke a particular hard-nosed and smashmouth image showing pride of their chosen occupation and craft. Individually and collectively, construction workers are strong-willed and never give up. These qualities of tenacity and persistence reflect the grit of the workforce. Construction trades workers are also known for their loyalty and commitment to excellence in their chosen craft, and they have honored old-school traditions. These traditions are mostly unspoken rules of engagement that become embedded like DNA, and they become the accepted way things are done in a job, trade, or within a company. This is how the stoic culture of not talking about feelings or showing any outward signs of being different is so strong. Above all else, construction workers are tough and showing feelings could be perceived by others as a possible sign of weakness.