• EAP and COVID-19: Brainspotting Proving Useful in Treating COVID-19 Trauma

      Delahan, Josh (Write it Right LLC, 2020-06)
      As EAP providers, we work with clients with a multitude of presenting issues within a limited amount of time. In a single day, we might see clients experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, adjustment problems, relationship issues, etc. We each have our own go-to modalities and most of the time, we see at least some progress. But what if there were a modality that you could easily integrate into your practice that works with current techniques and could increase your clients’ progress substantially? For myself and over 13,000 other clinicians worldwide, that modality is Brainspotting – an approach that is also proving useful in assisting people suffering from COVID-19-related trauma. But before we get into how Brainspotting is helping individuals during this challenging time, it’s necessary to first understand what it is.