• Behavioral Health: A Key to Work Force Productivity

      Sullivan, Sean, J.D. (2017-01-17)
      This webinar is Part 2 in a series of webinars initiated by Employee Assistance Practice Based Research Network in response to their initial white paper, Bridging Public Health with Workplace Behavioral Health Services: A Framework for Future Research and a Stakeholder Call to Action (Bennett et al., 2015). The title of the series is The Future of Workplace Behavioral Health Research. This particular webinar is Behavioral Health: A Key to Work Force Productivity, with speaker Dr. Sean Sullivan, JD, Co-Founder and President of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM). This presentation highlights the business case for more attention to behavioral health problems that take a larger economic toll on employers than the more obvious expenses of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. It identifies an opportunity beyond traditional health and wellness to define and measure the emerging concept of “wellbeing” as having the greatest potential impact on health, quality of life and productivity. This webinar series is designed to broaden and deepen the conversation about EAP and Workplace Behavioral Health Services research and collaborations that can mutually benefit all service providers and those they serve.