• EAP and COVID-19 2021: Utilizing ‘Soft Touch’ Engagement Techniques for EAPs

      Hughes, Daniel; Fairley, Acanthus; Leese, Barbara (EAPA, 2021-09)
      During the COVID pandemic many EAPs developed novel approaches to service delivery. Most programs migrated from face-to- face counseling models to virtual platforms. The Mount Sinai Health System’s EAP developed new employee engagement strategies based on existing sampling methodologies. This flexible approach, referred to as “Cluster Ball” was deployed to reach distressed front line health care workers (HCW) such as ICU staff, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, EMTs and others during the pandemic (Hughes & Fairley 2020). The goal of this article is to discuss how the “Cluster Ball” strategy has been adapted with “soft-touch” techniques to address workplace violence (WPV).