• Video-based Counseling Shifts to the Mainstream

      Milot, Marc (EAPA, 2021-01)
      While video-based counseling (or teletherapy) was already growing in popularity in the last decade, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted these trends into overdrive. Now even more EA professionals provide online services to stay in line with public health guidelines, social distancing measures, or the needs of clients. For employers, employees or purchasers of EAPs, greater reliance on video counseling may lead to questions about its effectiveness and value versus traditional in-person EAP counseling. These concerns, while valid, are generally not supported by the findings of past studies comparing outcomes of video-based to in-person therapy. (More EAP-specific studies are needed.) A number of research-informed practices for video-based counseling may also help EA professionals optimize service delivery for this modality.