• An Introduction to Employee Assistance Programs

      Shotlander, Jennifer (NetCE, 2019-08-01)
      Employee assistance programs (EAPs) serve organizations and their employees in many ways, ranging from consultation at the strategic level to assistance to employees and family members experiencing personal difficulties [1]. As workplace programs, the structure and operation of individual EAPs vary according to the structure, function, and needs of the organization it serves. Each EAP is designed to help work organizations address productivity issues and identify and resolve a range of employee concerns (e.g., emotional, financial, legal) [1]. Learning Objectives Include: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 1. Discuss the history of employee assistance programs (EAPs). 2. Review EAP core technology. 3. Differentiate EAPs from therapy. 4. Discuss the problem of dual EAP clients. 5. Identify EAP stakeholders and types of EAP referrals, including the use of call centers. 6. Outline all aspects of an EAP appointment, including assessment, referral, and follow-up. 7. Analyze the connection between substance abuse assessment and EAPs. 8. Describe the relationship between unions and EAPs. 9. Explain all services provided by an EAP and variations in program models. 10. Discuss confidentiality in an EAP setting. 11. Identify laws and organizations that impact and support the EAP community.