• Emotional Healing from Disaster in the Workplace: Experiences of Those Affected by the September 11 Attacks

      North, Carol S. (Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 2011-08)
      Scientific research has provided little systematic information to guide efforts to facilitate emotional recovery in workplaces affected by disasters. But without this knowledge, organizational mental health responses to disasters may overlook potentially helpful interventions and respond inadequately to the emotional needs of employees.
    • Position Leaders to Lead

      VandePol, Bob (2013-11)
      Behavioral health professionals are uniquely qualified to serve as critical incident response (CIR) professionals. Due to their training, they understand human behavior and the effects of potentially traumatic events, they communicate empathetically, and can usually maintain poise under stressful situations. They have also been trained in how to assess and triage situations in which access to additional services are required - especially imminent danger of harm to self or others. However, when they misunderstand their role within a business context, behavioral health professionals are uniquely disqualified as CIR specialists. Adherence to research-based best practices and clinical excellence are foundational to effective delivery of CIR Services....