• Do You Know What An EAP Is?

      Narine, John (2021-11-08)
      When I was in active addiction, I would be continuously absent from work. And when I finally gathered myself enough to make it in, my work performance and behavior significantly declined. My boss did the best she could to guide me towards getting help for my addiction, while constantly assessing how willing I was to seek out the help myself. However, her main focus was on my work performance and related behavior. And after seeing no true progress being made in that area, she finally asked Human Resources to step in. Through private conversation, HR made the suggestion that I call our assigned EAP (Employee Assistance Program) provider. HR said that the EAP would give me free counseling sessions and assist me with any additional help that I may need. My HR representative would periodically check on whether I’d called and would promote their usefulness; however, never did they specify the confidentiality I would have. I was skeptical to take their suggestion, I told myself: If my employer is suggesting that I call this number, well… what information are they going to relay back to my employer? If I ask my employer about what my confidentiality rights are, are they going to wonder why I am asking about confidentiality? Will that raise more questions and suspicion?