• 20 Years of EAP Cost-Benefit Research - Part 2 of 3: Taking the Pareto Path to ROI

      Attridge, Mark (Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), 2010-07)
      The second paper in 3-part series honoring the 20-year anniversary of the McDonnell Douglas internal EAP program research study that examined changes in health care claims, employee accidents and other outcomes for small samples of high-risk counseling clients. This article review literature and logical arguments in favor of this kind of approach to ROI for EAP - finding high-value cost savings for small numbers of high-risk employees who use EAP counseling. This approach emphasizes the classic EAP Core Technology principles. Some studies have shown that EAPs have a positive financial impact that offsets their cost, but few of these studies have been pubished in peer-review journals.