• From the Outside Looking Out: A Qualitative Examination of the Experiences of Canadian External EAP Providers

      Csiernik, Rick; Darnell, Kristi; Trotter, Mary Lynn (Employee Assistance Society of North America, 2016-01)
      A qualitative examination of 145 members of the Ontario Association of Social Workers who were or had worked as contractual EAP affiliate providers was undertaken. Participants averaged over 23 years of total clinical experience and over 11 years of work in the EAP field. Respondents indicated that despite limits to the role they continued in this capacity because of the diversity of clients this introduced to their practice and the importance of serving this population in need of clinical services. However, several serious issues arose, both professional and personal. While there were some exceptions, in general, respondents indicated that their practice was limited by parameters placed upon them by Canadian and international EAP vendors. For example, some workplaces were informing their employees that they had access to more counselling sessions than the vendors were supporting the affiliate clinicians to provide. Other prominent themes included ethical issues associated with working for some EAP vendors and the lack of adequate remuneration for the work performed.