• EAP and COVID-19: Mental Health in the Workplace During Coronavirus: 10 Key Points from the Research on Techno-Therapy

      Attridge, Mark (2020-06-18)
      The recent pandemic has increased employer interest in use of technology tools to provide counseling to distressed employees. This presentation provides a high-level overview of the key findings in the hundreds of studies in the research literature on the purpose, use and effectiveness of mental health support provided using technology. Technology channels for mental health service delivery include the telephone, internet, and smart phone Apps. Ten distinctions are provided to help understand the basic differences between traditional live counselor approach and the many techno-therapy machine-based options now available.
    • Techno Trends in Workplace Mental Health: Industry Survey Reveals Challenges and Opportunities

      Attridge, Mark (2022-03-24)
      Part 1. Increased Virtual Delivery of EAP Counseling and Workplace Support. Part 2. Effectiveness of Digital and Techno Tools. The research literature is reviewed to provide the advantages and disadvantages of technology-based support tools for supporting mental health. We also learn how professionals in the field of EAP evaluate the effectiveness and purpose of technology-based support tools for supporting mental health (2021 survey study results of EAP field: N = 351). Part 3. Conclusions on the Role of Technology in the Future for EAPs. Future success involves greater integration at operational and data sharing levels of live counseling with techno tools.
    • Using Technology to Collect Better Data on EAP Services: Webinar for the Workplace Collaborative

      Attridge, Mark (2020-03-13)
      Recent trends in data analytics as applied to EAP business practices. Focus on using smart phone (existing apps) & website online tools and questionnaires for data collection and service enhancements. Move your client scheduling of appointments to online by your staff or even self-service. Add online or smart-phone based counseling by your staff or partners with counselors or even self-service machine tools (no counselor). Managing data coming into the EAP from various partners and customers – relational database best practices 101 and your reporting story.