• Conversation with Nancy Costikyan, Director of Work/Life at Harvard University

      Costikyan, Nancy (Boston College Center for Work and Family, 2021-08)
      Boston College's Center for Work and Family has a Member Spotlight Newsletter that it sends out on a regular basis. This newsletter highlights the work of Nancy Costikyan, Director of the Work/Life Program at Harvard University. In the newsletter Nancy discusses the current priorities in the workplace and states: "My office serves 19,000 staff and faculty (as well as some student groups) and we have four main buckets, which I am beginning to think of as fountains that all spring from well-being: (1) Mental Health; (2) Flex-work, (3) Dependent Care and (4) Mindfulness. Obviously, flexwork has consumed much of our time as we forge our way to a widespread, hybrid work model, but the ongoing crises concerning child care and mental health are keeping me up at night." And the conversation goes on to include the programs new Flexible Work Arrangement Policy and how flexwork may look different on the Harvard campus. The role of manager is addressed as well as how they plan to evaluate the program in the upcoming months. Finally Nancy is asked about the Key Learnings that have emerged with these programs.