• EAP Evaluation 2010-2019: What Do We Now Know?

      Csiernik, Rick; Cavell, Mikaeli; Csiernik, Ben
      Five electronic databases were searched using the key words "Employee Assistance", "research" and "evaluation" for articles published from 2010 to 2019 along with a manual search of the two prominent journals in the Employee Assistance field. Twenty-six evaluations were found which were categorized using Macdonald's evaluation typology into four groups: needs assessments (n=1), program development [case study] (n=3), outcome (n=15) and process (n=7). There were as many international as American studies (n=13). While most evaluations were conducted by organizations with internal models (n=9) they were not the majority as there were eight evaluations examining external EAPs and five that examined hybrid internal/external models. A broad range of methodologies were employed that demonstrated that the EAPs that were reviewed produced positive outcomes including both saving organizations money as well as in producing positive changes. What was also witnessed during this time period was a greater use of standardized tests to collect data led by a new instrument developed during the decade, the Workplace Outcome Suite, though several studies still did not use any type of standardized assessment tool in their evaluation process. The article concludes by comparing changes that have occurred with reported peer-reviewed EAP evaluation over the past 40 years