• Integration: A Synergistic Strategy for Maximizing Whole-Person Productivity over the Employees' Life-Cycle/Work-Cycle

      Thompson, Darci A.; Swihart, David L. (2005)
      The concept of integration has emerged in recent years as a strategy considered by providers of employee assistance, wellness and work/life services to meet the changing needs of the organizations they serve. There continues to be much discussion, however, about what exactly integration is, and how to do it. Beginning with a definition of integration, the present article seeks to contribute to the discussion by describing University of Arizona (UA) Life & Work Connections, a program that was grown from its inception to be integrated. The theoretical and philosophical backgrounds of the program are presented and translated into the UA Life & Work Connections model. Advantages of and challenges to integration are discussed, and a detailed case study of a critical incident response is presented.