• Employee Assistance, Work-Life Effectiveness, and Health & Productivity: A Conceptual Framework for Integration

      Gornick, Mary Ellen; Blair, Brenda R. (Taylor and Francis, 2005-12)
      As context for the following collection of articles, this article provides a conceptual framework regarding integration of Employee Assistance (EA), Work-Life (WL) and Health & Productivity Management (HPM) initiatives. The discussion begins with a description of five societal trends in medicine, business, social work, globalization, and ecology that lead to ideas of connectedness, interdependence, a systems approach, and the reciprocal interaction between the individual and the whole. An examination of how these societal trends have influenced the current approaches to Human Resources Management and Occupational Health show that these departments have become more strategic, preventive, and population focused. This new thinking has stimulated awareness of the commonalities of Employee Assistance, Work-Life, and Health & Productivity Management initiatives. Brief descriptions of the history and evolution of each distinct field are set forth, followed by an identification of commonality in purpose and service delivery. The article concludes with the suggestion that integration of service delivery makes sense and offers recommendations for how organizations can approach the integration of existing services.