• Best Practices in Customer Reporting to Demonstrate Value and Impact for EAP Services

      Attridge, Mark (2019-03-07)
      A 90-minute invited presentation on applied best practices for external providers of EAP services. Focus on three areas: Classic conceptual model for customer reporting on EAP value; What should be In customer reporting in current business marketplace; and New trends for EAP in behavioral health risk management.
    • Embedding Your EAP by Creating a Peer Network

      Hutchinson, Bryan R. (2018-05)
      Engaged workplace peers can serve as partners and a referral source for EAP services, enhancing the ability of an external EAP provider to understand and address the specific issues of any workplace. This presentation provides the information necessary to embed EAP services into client organizations through the use of a properly trained peer-based network. Participants will learn how to recruit, train and maintain the skills of peer coordinators to extend the reach of the EAP within an organization. Participants will learn how to structure a workplace-based peer-driven referral network and identify the key players necessary to establish and maintain an effective, embedded peer-driven EAP.
    • Employee Assistance Research Foundation Announces Winners of Its First Grant Awards Program

      Employee Assistance Research Foundation; Public Awareness Committee (EARF Board, 2011-08)
      The Employee Assistance Research Foundation has announced the winners of its first grants. Two organizations, from two different countries, will each receive a $40,000 grant for a one-year study to be completed by the spring of 2012.