• EAP and COVID-19: COVID-19 Changes Needn’t be Negative

      Antonissen, Dirk (EAPA, 2021-01)
      Nearly twenty years ago, former EAPA CEO John Maynard wrote in this magazine: “Employee Assistance is the application of knowledge about behaviour and behavioural health to make accurate assessments, followed by appropriate action to improve the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace” (Maynard, 2004). Indeed, two decades later, improving the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace remains a challenge – even more so in light of COVID-19 restrictions in which remote work (telework) has become the new workplace standard. Telework marks a radical change for many employers and employees, and this certainly includes Europe. But change does not have to be negative. Notwithstanding all the troubles that COVID-19 brought to workplaces, many employees seem to appreciate some of the adaptations that came with lockdown and obligatory home and telework.