• Critical Incident Response for Workplace Violence

      Attridge, Mark; VandePol, Bob (2011-08)
      Critical incidents involving workplace violence are sudden, unexpected, often life-threatening time-limited events that can inhibit an individual’s capacity to respond adaptively. This report summarizes the extent of the problem, the psychological aspects of trauma from workplace violence, how it is treated through critical incident response services, and the business value of providing a proper response and prevention strategy.
    • EAPA's World EAP Conference 2011- Blythe and Stivarius Keynote

      Blythe, Bruce T.; Stivarius, Terri (2011-10-28)
    • How to talk to your children about racism

      Concern EAP (Concern EAP, 2020)
      As protests spill into a second week, many parents are struggling with the need to protect their children from seeing the worst of the violence while at the same time trying to explain the consequences of racism. Whether from social media, talking with friends, or overhearing conversations, children know what’s going on. This might be a good time to start a conversation so that they don’t have to navigate their feelings alone, and to keep the conversation going when we’re not in a crisis mode.
    • What can I do to help?

      Perspectives, 2020
      As you are navigating your own response to the global and domestic unrest, remember that it’s hard for anyone to have the “right” answers or know what to say. Most of us feel out of control of our lives, fearful for our own safety and the safety of the people we care about and scared of impending changes to the world. For some, this anxiety over the future can be emotionally draining while for others it can spark frustration or rage. Instead of feeling helpless, here are some of our suggestions for how to be an active part of what’s going on, while maintaining your safety.