• Making Remote Work : National Remote Work Strategy

      Government of Ireland (Government of Ireland- Prepared by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, 2020)
      The pandemic has changed our world. It has also changed the world of work forever. Millions of people and businesses around the world had to change overnight moving from the office to home working and from interactions that occurred in person to interactions that occurred mainly on-line. This shift might have taken decades if it had been planned. Instead it took days. I believe that when the pandemic is over, many of us will return to the office, but things will never be the same again. Video-conferencing will be more common and travelling for work much less so. While some people will work full-time from the office or from home, most of us will be blended workers, working sometimes from the office and other times from home, a hub or on the go.
    • Videoconferencing in the EAP Field: A Survey of Current Practices

      Farris, Thomas A.; Granberry, Stanford Wayne, 1953- (Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 2013-11)
      Strategic planning for the purchase and implementation of information and communication technology is becoming a primary focus in the EA Field. This article examines one aspect: videoconferencing, as it is anticipated that the profession will see a rapid expansion of this technology among EAP Affiliates, vendors, purchasers and suppliers