• History of District 141, IAM EAP

      Abromitis, Al; Asuncion, Rudy; Combs, Bill; Baxter, James A. (2008-12)
      In 1972, United Airlines (UAL) aircraft mechanics Bill Combs and Harold Mamola, both members of District Lodge 141 (DL141), International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAM), received a grant from the state of California to establish a labor/management alcohol recovery program at the Oakland, California aircraft maintenance base. DL141 established a joint EAP with UAL the following year. Under the guidance of former director Combs, the fledgling EAP spread over time to other job classifications represented by DL141. The broad brush EAP concept which expanded services for other problems unrelated to alcohol went into effect in 1978. In addition to director Combs (retired), the DL141 EAP further developed under the direction of Regis Wasiecko (retired) and current director Rudy Asuncion. Today, the DL141 EAP offers services to members at all represented employers and is fully capable of operating with or without company cooperation or participation.