• How to Help Children Understand the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

      MindWise, 2022-03
      This is a Tip Sheet to help parents talk with their childern about the Russian Invasion into Ukraine. The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has been distressing for many. Here are some tips for talking with children about these recent events. 1) Listen to What They Are Saying 2) Ask what they’ve heard about the situation. 3) Let them tell you in their own words and answer their questions in an age-appropriate manner. Sometimes it helps to have these conversations during an activity, such as drawing, mealtime, or driving with you in the car. 4) Spend time listening to understand what children already know. 5) Answer their questions and explain what’s going on using simple words and concepts they can understand.
    • War in Ukraine: How Business Leaders Can Support Employees Affected by the Crisis

      Health Action Alliance; OneMind; SHRM Foundation; American Psychiatric Association Foundation Center for Workplace Mental Health (2022-03-09)
      "The war in Ukraine has many people on edge. Some of your employees are likely feeling saddened, shocked, and powerless to help. Images of war may be triggering personal trauma. These circumstances create the potential for high rates of stress, impacting how your employees show up at work. People with family and friends in Ukraine and Russia may feel an even greater degree of grief and despair. Other workforce groups – including veterans, immigrants and refugees – may experience post-traumatic distress. Some workers may be angry that this war is being treated differently than earlier global conflicts that affected them personally. The source and severity of reactions will differ, but as an employer, this provides the opportunity to show care and concern for workers." This brief article outlines five steps workplaces can take to support employee mental health and well-being.