• The Facts Don’t Lie: Statistical Truths about the Business Value of EAPs

      Attridge, Mark (Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), 2022-04)
      This article presents succinct and data-driven facts that answer critical questions about the business value of EAPs, and it offers an ROI case study with $2,200 USD savings per each counseling case from avoided further workplace productivity losses in work presenteeism and absenteeism.
    • The History of Employee Assistance Programs: A 50 Year Perspective (U.S. and Canada) - 8

      Masi, Dale A.; Frey, Jodi J; Sharar, David A., 1961- (2016-11-01)
      Funded by the Employee Assistance Research Foundation, this is the eighth of eight videos completed as part of the EAP History of the U.S. and Canada project by MASI Research Consultants, Inc. and the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work. This video presents Dave Sharar, a senior EAP researcher, being interviewed by Dale Masi. Dave points out the need for stopping the price war in the EAP field and the need for research in the field.
    • Integration Insights Column #7: Implications of Pricing for EAP Integration and ROI

      Attridge, Mark (Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), 2017-01-01)
      This article explores the implications of a financial budget devoted to EAP services and how it either promotes or limits, the opportunities for creating effective partnerships and key integration. I summarize key points from my EAP Talks keynote presentation on the Organizational Health Map conceptual model at EAPA’s 2016 World EAP Conference in Chicago.
    • Pricing Options for EAP Services

      Attridge, Mark; Amaral, Thomas M., 1952-; Bjornson, Tom; Goplerud, Eric N.; Herlihy, Patricia A.; McPherson, Tracy L.; Paul, Rich; Routledge, Sandra; Sharar, David A., 1961-; Stephenson, Diane; et al. (Employee Assistance Society of North America, 2010-01)
      This Research Note reviews the issues concerning how the pricing is determined for the purchase of employee assistance program services.