• Pandemic Talk: EAP Around the World

      Ichikawa, Kaoru; Low, Miyen; Ding, Grace; Antonissen, Dirk (2022-03-24)
      The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted our EAP clients differently depending on where in the world they live and work. In this session, you will hear from EA professionals from three main parts of the world about what their client's needs have been and how EAPs in these regions/countries are addressing these issues. The speakers are from APEAR (Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable) as well as EAEF (Employee Assistance European Forum) to share how culture, religion social as well as political systems play important roles during this time. The diverse differences and also possible similarities in these areas mentioned above, from the three main parts of the world, can provide all EA professionals with important learnings and insights especially in adjusting/adapting our regular EAP approaches, including being creative in developing new EAP programs suitable for the new normal, to really benefit our EAP clients. Also, we will dive into finding out how EA professionals themselves have coped with their own pandemic predicaments/transitions and continue to stay resilient and relevant in delivering EAP services.