• Applying the logic model process to Employee Assistance Programming

      Csiernik, Rick; Chaulk, Paul; McQuaid, Steve; McKeon, Kate (2015-08-04)
      Logic Models are a program development and evaluation process that evolved in the latter half of the 20th century. As well as having the capacity to be a planning tool, Logic Models also allow for an in depth, multi-layered examination of an existing program. This article outlines the purpose, historic development, and strengths and weaknesses of this contemporary evaluation approach that has been increasingly utilized in the social services. An example of how the Logic Model evaluation process can be applied to an Employee Assistance Program is also provided.
    • Workshop 30: Applying Logic Models in Plans for Systemic Change and Evaluation

      DePanfilis, Diane; White, Carolyn, M.S.W. (2009-05-29)