• What we learned in 5 years of research on EAPs and behavioral health

      McCann, Bernard A.; Merrick, Elizabeth S. Levy; Azzone, Vanessa; Hiatt, Deirdre
      This presentation offers highlights of a 5-year collaborative research project between Brandeis University's Institute for Behavioral Health, Harvard Medical School's Department of Health Care Policy, and MHN, Inc. a MBHC organization that provides stand-alone EAP, MBHC carve-out, and integrated products, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (Contract #P50 DA010233). The research team undertook a series of studies looking at EAPs, managed behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatment, including: A literature review of key issues and a proposed research agenda; A Survey of EAP users regarding perceptions and experiences of EAP services; Employer decisions about EAP design and services; Workplace stress, Organizational factors and EAP utilization; Integrated vs. MBHC benefits – Effect on access & utilization; Service Use patterns in Integrated & MBHC-only plans; Effect of EAPs on outpatient behavioral healthcare.