• Stop the Suffering: An EAP Approach to End Workplace Bullying

      Crawshaw, Laura, 1953- (2016-10)
      Back in 1980, I boarded a ferry headed to the Great North, my MSW diploma in hand. Signing on as the first full-time clinician at the initial external EAP in Alaska, I eagerly anticipated helping employees with their problems. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was helpless to address their work-related suffering caused by bullying. This experience led me on a lifelong professional quest to understand why bosses would treat their employees badly, and why most employers did nothing about their bullying bosses - managers that I prefer to call "abrasive leaders."
    • Working with Impaired Executives: What EA Professionals Need to Know

      Mines, Robert A.; Stone, Whitney (International Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 2016-01)
      The unique relationship between employee assistance professionals and the so-called C-Suite has complexities beyond the standard protocols most EAPs have in place for assisting impaired employees. In large corporations an impaired executive may never come to the attention of the EAP as they have resources and access to care that other employees may not. However, the EAP may be utilized to assist in impaired executive situations.